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Bath Milk Terms & Conditions

Cosmetic Raw Milk Terms & Conditions

We have made the terms and conditions readily available on our website for you to read through.  Therefore, when you make an order for bath milk with Perth Organics, it is the responsibility of the customer to have read our terms and conditions and that you only continue the purchase if you accept these terms.  Continuing with the purchase automatically recogonises that you accept these terms and conditions.
Terms & Conditions
You, the client, understand that unpasturised milk (raw milk) is sold strictly for cosmetic purposes only.
Any reference to you using cosmetic milk for human consumption can result in your order being cancelled.  We will not supply you raw milk if we know that you have the intention of using it for consumption.
We have spoken to a representative of the Health Department of Western Australia and they do not approve customers to pasturise their own raw milk as it is suggesting it is suitable as a food.  The Health Department does not recognise raw milk as a safe food but only allows sale of raw milk as a cosmetic product.  You can research the reasons for this on the internet.
If you wish to have milk for consumption, you have the option to order
pasturised, non-homogenised milk through us: Paris Creek brand.   Availability is limited but with advance notice we should be able to supply, min 6lt orders to orders@perthorganics.com 
Any delivery driver or courier driver does not necessarily reflect Perth Organics' opinion on raw milk.  They are paid just to deliver milk not to answer questions or make order changes.  Please communicate directly to the office staff for discussion on the product/purchase.  Perth Organics is not liable for any opinion or information given by delivery drivers.
See our standard Terms and Conditions page which covers in detail regarding payments.  We have direct debit option for standing orders.
The client is responsible to make sure they are up to date with payments.  Cancellation needs to be done via email to orders@perthorganics.com one week before and will be confirmed with a return email.  Cancellations less than one week prior may not be guaranteed and you will be liable to pay for delivery if it is still supplied. However, we will do our best to cancel your order with at least 2 days notice.
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