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Country Orders Terms & Conditions

Country Orders Terms, Conditions & Refunds

At Perth Organics we strive to do our best to supply fresh produce and well packaged goods to travel for the extra distance & time to country towns.


Occasionally, due to transport, items may be effected beyond our control.  Although this is not often, as we have made many improvements from our end, occasionally we hear back of a piece of produce or two effected.  One reason may be due to the boxes being too close to the refrigerated chiller unit as some items don't like it too cold.  Or the freight company may not have been as careful as they should so some softer fruit/veg may have been bruised.


This is a possibility with items travelling from one depot to the other and sometimes 1 to 3 days of chilled transport (depending on distance and location).  


As we don't get refunded from freight companies for these issues, it is not viable for us to refund every time if the produce was originally sent in good condition when it left Perth. We have found that other companies are not willing to service country towns because of these difficulties.


Therefore, our terms and conditions for Country orders are that if produce and goods have been sent from Perth, with our consignment notes signed as received all boxes, Perth Organics is not responsible for freight issues after dispatch from Perth.


Note that the receiver of goods on the other end, signs off that all boxes are received on the consignment in good condition.  Customers can contact the freight company with any issues and may try to be reimbursed.  This should be done within 24hrs upto 72 hours depending on the freight company.  You can ask Perth Organics for contact details or con note number, a copy of your receipt of goods.  Please note there is no insurance paid on freight as that would be too costly for the customers to cover.  However, if the freight company has lost goods or damaged produce due to lack of care, they may offer some compensation.


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