Our extensive selection of Certified Organic pastas include Organic Durum Wheat, Organic Wholemeal, Rye, Spelt and Khorasan (formally known as "Kamut") and are especially enjoyed by people with special diets. Being made from softer flours, the pastas take less time to cook and are easily digested.    All our organic pastas are made using the finest Australian ingredients and all are 100% Certified Organic with NASAA “National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia".   Organic Spelt: An ancient grain with nutty, wholesome flavour, easily digested and nutritionally dense, loved also for its alkalising qualities. Contains iron, copper, manganese, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, zinc, selenium, niacin, thiamine, vitamin B6, and folic acid.   L’Abruzzese is a family owned and operated business that has been making award winning pasta the traditional way for over 30 years in Adelaide, South Australia. Only the best Australian-sourced ingredients are used; our pasta is extruded through the finest Italian bronze dies which give the pasta a rough surface that allows a superior hold on any sauce. It is slow dried for 36 to 48 hours following age-old traditional methods but with modern technology; it holds its shape and retains its bite long after cooking which is one of the most sought after qualities of pasta that many fail to achieve. We are passionate about the ingredients and the methods we use. We are NAASA Certified Organic and HACCP certified which ensures the highest quality and safety of our product


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