1. Designed with 5 Native Australian Plants and other ingredients.
  2. The Native ingredients have traditionally been used to promote deep & consistent sleep, relax the mind or promote overall wellbeing.
  3. Other ingredients have been recognised for their relaxation properties.
  4. Has a relaxing and light flavour with herbal notes.
  5. Naturopathically accredited and approved to help with sleep.
  6. Can make up to 60 litres or 240 cups with every jar.
  7. You can brew the leaves three times.

PLEASE NOTE: Most of our customers find the Native Relaxation Tea effective in helping to improve their sleeping patterns, whether it is used to fall asleep, relax the mind, or achieve a better quality of sleep. We recommend drinking the tea consistently for 14 days to best assess if this tea can help you, too.


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