Organic Bio Kraut Sauerkraut Juice 500ml

Organic Bio Kraut Sauerkraut Juice 500ml


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Bio-Kraut Sauerkraut Juice INGREDIENTS: Organic cabbage, spring water, Celtic sea salt, hand-made biodynamic culture. TASTE SENSATION: Sour and salty. LIVING NUTRITION:Robust probiotics and digestive enzymes. Vitamins inc. A, C, K and B complex vitamins. Minerals inc. iron, calcium, magnesium and manganese. Electrolytes, antioxidants and phytonutrients. GOOD FOR: Increases gut flora. Heals gut lining. Nature's best pre-digestive. Eases digestive discomfort. Restores healthy levels of stomach acid. Promotes regularity. Strengthens Immune system. Keeps pathogens in check. Protects against toxins. Anti-inflammatory. Improves circulation. Reduces cholesterol. Soothes nervous system. Strengthens bones, skin, eye, hair and nails. Energy and stamina boost. Reduces sugar cravings.    HOW TO USE: Neat - shoot it or sip it. Boost juices or smoothies. Replace vinegar, combine with good oil and dress salads, soups and stews. Start small and slow: 1-10mls and build-up slowly to 30mls or more. Take daily.  


Brand BioBeet
Shipping Weight 500.0000kg

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