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The first and only fully transparent formula that is free from harmful ingredients

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Sodium percarbonate [Washing soda | oxygen bleach], Sodium carbonate [Washing soda]| Sodium chloride [Pink Himalayan salt] | True soap = Aqua | Olea Europaea oil1|2 | Sodium hydroxide [Olive soap = Water | Olive oil | Lye] | Sodium bicarbonate1 [Bicarb soda]

Free from Dairy | Gluten | Nut | Soy | Palm oil

1 Organic | 2 Australian


Cruelty free | Vegan | Sustainable source | Refill, Reuse, Recycle

Greywater & Septic safe | Biodegradable


Directions: Always follow care label and manufacturer instructions

Separate white from colour and check colour fastness

Do not apply directly to fabric

Do not use on delicates or wool

Do not soak metal parts

Not suitable for fabric labelled flame resistant


Recommended dosage

As boost

Top and Front loader


As soak

By Hand

Light 25g | Heavy 50g

dissolved in 5 l water


Regular cleaning of machine is recommended to avoid build up or staining.


Store in Clean, Cool, Dark and Dry area



Keep out of sight & reach of children

Discontinue use if irritation occurs

Do not Inhale or Ingest

Avoid contact with Skin, Eye and Mucous membrane

If contact occurs flush thoroughly with water

If inhaled remove sufferer to fresh air

If ingested rinse mouth with water, drink 1-2 glasses of water to dilute, do not induce vomiting

In all cases seek medical advice


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