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Pure Eden Activated Charcoal 70g

Pure Eden Activated Charcoal 70g


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Pure Eden Activated Charcoal is given internally to help detoxify individuals for a variety of toxic conditions.  As a general detoxifier, Activated Charcoal is without equal. It purifies the six to eight liters of digestive fluids that are secreted daily. This in turn helps to remove foreign substances from the blood. By neutralizing all these toxins, Activated Charcoal decreases the workload of the liver as well as the kidneys.Safe to use on pets and children, in addition to yourself, activated charcoal not only takes stress off your body but also your budget.

ACTIVATED CHARCOAL MUST BE TAKEN TWO HOURS EITHER SIDE OF ANY MEDICATION,  including the contraceptive pill, as the Activated Charcoal will see it as toxin and try and defuse and or draw the medication from your body.

Remember Activated Charcoal is not a supplement and is not something you need to take daily. It is therefore not adding anything in but taking the bad stuff out. 


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