There are many awesome benefits about having our reusable stretch lids in your life. Firstly, they are heat proof, so they can be heated up in the microwave or oven up to 200 degrees Celsius along with your food. Imagine not having to clean the microwave after you reheat your food every time.

We understand that it takes you a couple extra seconds to clean them after each use. But the reusable lids are dishwasher safe, and think about how much cling wrap you will save over a couple of decades if you grab a set of these now. Our reusable stretch lids are really durable, so with proper care they could last you many years. Just keep them away from knives!

Our reusable stretch lids come in 6 various sizes (written below) that not only fit around round objects, they can fit over square, oval and rectangles too. They are air tight so they will keep food super fresh.

Whether you have a left over meal from when your kids weren’t hungry, a half cut open orange from work or an open tin where you didn’t use all of the ingredients. Our reusable stretch lids are suitable for many occasions.

Specs – Packaging & Dimensions

Sizes – the maximum the silicone lid can stretch to (descending):

  1. 26cm
  2. 23cm
  3. 20cm
  4. 15cm
  5. 12cm
  6. 10cm

Weight (per set): 200 grams

Colour: Clear/transparent


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