Hi my name is Kelly Weston.

Following my passion to assist adults in their wellness, as well as children with behavioural disorders, I have recently finished my
Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine. I am very passionate about organic and fresh wholefoods to prevent
and manage illness but also to feel well every day.

Best said by Ancient Greek physician Hippocrates nearly 2500 years ago, “All disease begins in the Gut.” I have a very simplistic view on what good nutrition looks like and how to make this achievable and easy. The heart of this is to eat real, alive food. Eating nutrient-dense food that works with your gut’s microbiome is when the feeling of wellness starts.

Everyone’s gut microbiome is unique, and I can work with you to ensure that you enjoy a tasteful and nourishing diet tailored to your body’s needs. Nutrition consultations are very individualized to ensure that you get the nutrients from those foods that are most beneficial to you specifically.

To find out how you can book a free introductory mini-consult with me. Please phone the office or email me: kelly@perthorganics.com
Look forward to meeting you and helping you feel well.