I AM GROOVY Green Smoothie Blend 150g

100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC INGREDIENTS: Wheatgrass, Maca, Mesquite, Alfalfa, Chlorella, Spirulina, Kale Powder

I am just what you need to get into the health-hipster groove and cleansing mood. A powerful combination of highly alkalising greens, immune-boosting super foods and good vibes make me the perfect blend for your everyday 'groovy green smoothie'… Yeah baby! 

I am the perfect blend to use as the base for any groovy green smoothie. 

I am also fabulous as a nutritional booster in smoothies, juices, raw snacks and bliss balls. Start with 1-2 tsp and build up to 1-2 tbsp depending on your needs. 


I am Groovy Green Smoothie

Blend 1tbsp of 'I am groovy Green Smoothie' Blend, with 1-2 cups of coconut milk, 1 frozen banana & a handful of spinach.

Blend until smooth to make a groovy green smoothie that will make you wanna get down and boogie!


Brand I Am Foods