Juicing is an amazing way to boost your body's levels of vitamins, minerals, and protective polyphenols. 
While it's a simple and effective way to get more nutrition into your diet, it's also a great way to eliminate harmful toxins at the same time. 

Our juicing boxes are great value as we offer any damaged or 'ugly'  produce as juicing produce, after all, it all looks the same in a smoothie or juice! 

There are two size options, small and large.

Small boxes yield approximately 5-6 juices and Large boxes approximately 10-11 juices at 300ml.

Juicing boxes are generally made up of Celery, carrots, beetroot, ginger, and juicing fruits.

***subject to change due to season and availability***

CELERY JUICE: We highly recommend celery juicing as it has been shown to assist detoxification of the liver and bowel, and has helped many people in healing from various conditions. 
However, celery must be juiced and consumed on its own to be effective.

Photo by Alexander Mils from Pexels


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