Natural Intelligence Farming

Ian and Dianne are the co-founders of Natural Intelligence Farming and the Prospect Pastoral Company.

With their son James, they run a holistic and integrated program of cropping and grazing. The program is underpinned by their shared deep commitment to the regeneration of the fertility of the marginal soils of their area. This is achieved through use of natural fertilisers, minimum tillage and the consequent growth of healthy cereal plants to deliver high tonnages of premium grain per hectare. The healthy ground cover of the cropping and pasture also provides the key to maintaining high levels of soil moisture and ensuring weed control.
Over the years, Ian and Dianne have developed their own Merino stud and a working sheep flock from local and South Australian bloodlines. This indigenous flock has been bred to be totally acclimatised to the land they farm.
Their production area is now spread over several holdings equalling 13,000 hectares of their own property, leased land and share-farming enterprises. This diversity has enabled more effective management across various landscape conditions and rainfall availability.
In 2010 Ian and Di Haggerty were the recipients for the A&K Hill Green Agriculture Innovation Award, an award founded by Dr Christine Jones that recognises outstanding leadership in the adoption of farming practices that build carbon-rich top soils, foster secure and resilient agricultural production and improve food quality. In 2012 the Haggerty’s received the National Carbon Cocky Award for Industry Development awarded in Dubbo, New South Wales by Carbon Farmers of Australia. In 2015 the Haggerty’s received an inaugural Soil Restoration Leadership award, presented in Dongara, Western Australia by award patron Rhonda Wilson.

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