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Why Perth Organics...?


Organics is a life-changing choice.

It's a choice for your body, your health and sustainable living.

At Perth Organics, we believe its a wonderful way of helping ourselves to live better and to contribute to a better planet...

This is why, since our beginnings, we have been and continue to be so committed to delivering what we call 'affordable wellbeing' - making the choice to 'go organic' an easy one.

Simply shop online wherever you happen to be and receive the freshest home delivered organic produce same day* right across Perth, and also weekly to most rural centres in Western Australia.

Perth Organics began as a home based co-op in 2009 and we have since grown to move commercial premises, not once but twice. We understand what it is to budget for families (we have 4 children including 3 ravenous teenagers) and having both been raised on land that was managed under natural practices back in the 1980s, we carry a deep connection to assuring the continued production and availability of fruits, vegetables and other produce just as nature intended.


Still a 100% Western Australian and family owned business, we are thrilled to be based in Perth's Swan Valley - the Valley of Taste and Australia's First Humane Food Region. What better place to be?


A Love of What We Do..

We love what we do and so it seems do our customers, which is why our delivery service also includes a wide network of Western Australia's country towns from Kununurra to Kalgoorlie through to Australia's stunning SouthWest. We pride ourselves on being able to look after those customers who often find it challenging enough to get conventional produce, let alone a great selection of the 'good stuff'.


Trust in Great Produce

There are many growers who are committed to spray-free prduction and organic practices, but who have not undergone certification. As a business, we've made the difficult choice of not stocking this produce as, without this in place, our customers could inadvertently end up consuming chemicals that would seriously harm their health or conflict with their principles.

So, 100% Certified Organic is what we know and deliver - we work closely with our suppliers to know their farms, their practices and their produce. This means that whatever you choose to put on your table, fresh, frozen, packaged or chilled, we know its 'story' and how it came to be there and can guarantee its Organic status.

Our fresh fruit and vegetables are sourced from WA growers wherever possible, however, availability of sufficient qunatities and seasonality mean we also use Eastern States' produce to provide the variety you love and want. Our meat products, with the exception of turkey and chicken, come exclusively from WA and are world-class - something we're extremely proud of.


What's Next?

We can't wait to share more with you in the coming months so watch this space....


We hope you'll join us as our journey and efforts continue to bring you the very best Organics available in Western Australia.


On behalf of our growers and us, we thank you for your support.

Warmest wishes

Geoff & Carolynne


*Please note that orders do need to be placed by 8am to allow us to pack them in time for same day delivery and that we do need to ensure each item is in stock. Rest assured, our team will contact you if there is ever any reason why we can't supply same day.

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