Organic Bio-Beet KVASS Liver tonic with Ginger and wild-crafted Dandelion INGREDIENTS: Organic beets and ginger, organic wild-crafted dandelion roots and leaves, spring water, Celtic sea salt, hand-made biodynamic culture. TASTE SENSATION: Sweet, salty, sour, bitter and earthy LIVING NUTRITION: Robust probiotics and digestive enzymes. Vitamins inc. A, C, K, B complex vitamins, folic acid, B12 and good nitrates. Minerals inc. iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese and potassium. Electrolytes, antioxidants and phytonutrients. GOOD FOR: AS FOR BIO-BEET KVASS WITH GINGER  + THE BENEFITS OF WILD-CRAFTED DANDELION    Dandelion is one of nature's top healing herbs for the liver and is a gentle alternative to milk thistle.  Beetroot, dandelion and ginger combined support the major liver detoxification pathways and bile production. Dandelion is an effective diuretic and will help to shift fluid retention. It stimulates digestion, supports regularity, regulates blood sugar and combats uric acid accumulation in the body - great for gout. Shown to be very effective for respiratory conditions, having a calming effect and cleansing the blood. HOW TO USE: Neat - shoot it or sip it. Boost juices or smoothies. Mix with coconut water, lime juice, soda or tonic water. Replace vinegar, combine with good oil and dress salads, soups and stews. Start small and slow: 1-10mls and build-up slowly to 30mls or more. Take daily.  


Brand BioBeet
Shipping Weight 500.0000kg