Hippie Four - Ginger & Lime,  Local Organic Kombucha

This is possibly our most requested and anticipated release.  With a large number of already existing commercial ginger kombuchas already available, before we released our take on the much requested number 4, we hit the R&D lab, pretty hard. It was important to get a few things right. Firstly, it had to be unique.  With so many varients of kombucha with lemon or tumeric (or both), we wanted a flavour, that closer resembled a favourite of many Aussies - Ginger Beer. A well balanced ginger, not overwhelming, but subtle zing, and a nice citrus finish, to overlay the subtle kombucha sour that is critical in producing a healthy & tasty Kombucha.  Secondly, it had to be simple clean & organic.  We tried many varients of ginger inclusion and are very happy to settle with a local WA partner, who provides us quality, clean & organic ginger supply.  The underlying Lime is fresh and WA organic also, and all carefully balanced out for you to enjoy.

Made in Perth WA


SKU Hippekomglime
Brand Hippie